All Patriot NewsFebruary 28, 202115min19
WASHINGTON, DC — The Pentagon on Friday said it had domestic and multinational legal authorities under the U.S. Constitution and United Nations international law, respectively, to conduct lethal airstrikes in Syria against Iran-backed militia groups accused of targeting American troops and their allies in neighboring Iraq. John Kirby, the Pentagon’s press secretary, commented on the […]


All Patriot NewsFebruary 27, 20216min20
ORLANDO, Florida — Following a legal blow from the Supreme Court over a lawsuit that contended Pennsylvania’s no-excuse, mail-in balloting system was a violation of the state Constitution, Republican Rep. Mike Kelly sees little chance that the election environment will change in time for the 2022 election cycle. “We violated our own state, federal constitution […]


All Patriot NewsFebruary 27, 20217min18
ORLANDO, Fla. — Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., on Friday said conservatives need to “get busy” and make their voices heard ahead of the 2022 midterm elections while pushing for a tougher stance on Chinese influence in the U.S. Blackburn, who spoke to Fox News in an exclusive interview ahead of her address to the Conservative Political Action Conference […]


All Patriot NewsFebruary 27, 20219min21
New Jersey master plumber Andrew Mitchell and his brother-in-law, plumbing apprentice Isaiah Pinnock, are making headlines after the two drove 25 hours straight to Texas to help repair burst and leaking pipes in the Lone Star state for residents in desperate need of help. Mitchell’s wife, Kisha — who is Pinnock’s sister — joined them, […]